March 29, 2008

The topics on "Wake Up & Live" this Saturday are deep and challenging. Join Dawn as she talks with Dorothy Marcic then Leslie Blackburn about the possible interconnectedness between the Divine Feminine, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Geometry and Sex Trafficking. For a year now, Dawn has found herself curious as to why these topics are rising in these times. Dorothy, Leslie and Dawn will attempt to share hope and shed light as to how it's all connected.

In our first hour at 8:00 Central Nashvillian Dorothy Marcic, a former Vanderbilt business management professor and writer, will join Dawn. Dorothy's more recently known for her hit "Respect: A Musical Journey of Women." From Hollywood to Chicago, St. Paul to Atlanta, Dorothy's gotten rave reviews for her use of Top 40 songs to trace the progress of women in our society. ( http://www.respectamusicaljourney.com/reviews.html ) Dorothy was one of 6,000 women in attendance at the recent 52nd Session of the UN's Comission on the Status of Women addressing issues such as the trafficking of women and children. (http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2008803180377) She'll share her experience and perspective.

In the second hour at 9:00 Central, Leslie Blackburn will discuss Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Geometry. Trained as an engineer, Leslie is also an artist, yogini and Tantrika. She has combined her managerial and speaking skills with her creativity and passion for the spritiual path to form One Space, LLC, a conscious teaching/learning community and an avenue for the sharing of her art. Her artwork incorporates the principles of sacred geometry and balance and is a flowing exploration of the inner self as well as the power and beauty of the human form. Through her exploration and practice of sacred sexuality/Tantra, she has experienced deep healing and release on a personal level and is called to share this path of potential with others. Leslie’s personal path and work has been the integration of the ever-unfolding feminine in body and psyche with masculine direction and purpose- Love in action! See http://www.onespaceconnected.com/

Join us as we bring sexuality out of the shadows and listen for the sacred this Saturday from 8-10AM Central time on "Wake Up & Live' at http://www.radiofreenashville.org/ . How exciting during this month honoring women that we get to hear from two amazing women who are utilizing both their right and left brain capacities to bring healing and wholing to the world.

Prior interviews archived at www.seedsthestory.com/wakeup You can now listen to prior interviews on-line. At the archive site, click mp3 and a tiny player shows up presto on your screen where you can listen or you can also download to itunes and your mp3 and listen as you walk, drive or drink your latte.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Noelle Wainwright Warner said...

I just found Radio Free Nashville by way of the Tennessee Jazz & Blues Society Website. I am so very glad you are here and am particularly grateful you can listen to prior shows. I just listened to Dawn Kirk's Imagine the Shift and sent in a donation in her honor. Thank you to all involved, but mostly to Dawn, for sharing her light, insight, and compassion with the world.

Blessings always,
Noelle Warner

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Noelle Wainwright Warner said...

Wow! Dawn, I just listened to the archives of this show and had to say thank you for your courage and honesty. Your shows are like getting 2 hours of free therapy! My books-to-read list grows with every listen.

This show is just amazing. Thank you for all the work, soul, heart, and energy you put into it.

Blessings always,



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