April 18, 2009

"Wake Up & Live

National Poetry Month
Susan Wrona Medford, OR poet
Thandiwe ShiprahNashville Spoken Word Artist

Join Dawn at www.radiofreenashville.org at 9:00 CST

Is it any accident that the month of April holds Earth Day and is recognized as Poetry Month? One only has to experience nature to see poetry in every moment. Green errupts from branches that have appeared dead for months as little growing shoots break through Mother Earth's skin. Everything is 'waking up.' In light of that join....

Dawn at 9:00 CST as she talks with Oregon poet Susan Wrona about her poetry and book/cd Radiant Cup. (Hear Susan and learn more at www.radiantcup.com )Then around 9:30, Nashville poet and spoken word artist Thandiwe Shiprah will share her journey to poetry as well as her art, the spoken word. Thandiwe, along with Daniel Arite, form The Bosch Institute. Listen to their amazing audio collages at
www.sonicbids.com/TheBoschInstitute and hear them in person Sat. evening Aril 25th in Nashville. Info at www.globaleducationcenter.net


February 7, 2009

Don't miss this Saturday morning's show at a new time as Dawn's joined by Megan Gelhar at 9CST from just outside Denver to discuss empowering oneself through an active relationship with money followed by Dr. Linda Stillman at 10-CST in Manhattan regarding Sofia 2010 and the upcoming 53rd Commission on the Status of Women .

At age 4, Megan Gelhar loved math problems. In high school she poured over the Wall Street Journal. In college, she earned a business degree then worked for 25 years for several Fortune 100 companies running manufacturing operations. Her personal questions about money and investing led her to Dr. Van Tharp, a spiritual man and international coach for traders around the world. While in Jean Houston's Social Artistry Program and Mystery School she had a vision related to women, money and our personal power. Hear the process Megan walks women and people through to help them look at money from multiple levels as well as her thoughts on the traditional "Buy and Hold" or "Park and Pray" method of investing as she terms it. Learn more at www.MoneyMakeoversforWomen.com where Megan's also promised to download to her archive site the list of questions she uses with clients to help them look at their beliefs about money.

At age 12, Dr. Linda Stillman visited the United Nations and Radio City and knew she would become a diplomat or dancer. How perfect that in her decades of work with many countries and cultures she would ultimately practice the dance of diplomacy and become the creator and chair of Sofia 2012: Women and Wisdom, a major world conference involving men, women and young people in Sofia, Bulgaria next year. Dr. Stillman has participated in international diplomacy serving in several countries and cultures for 20 years, is a representative to the UN for the world's largest women's professional organization for 8 years, and is a professor of Culture, Communication Styles and Strategies, Human Relationships, and the World. Our first, in what will hopefully be a series of interviews, will cover the upcoming 53rd CSW as well as Sofia 2010.

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Check out Dawn's Musing, "The Kiss -Loving the Unlovable" at http://dawnkirkimaginetheshift.blogspot.com/ And speaking of monetary empowerment!

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January 24, 2009

Join me this Saturday at 9AM for "Wake Up & Live" at it's NEW TIME....as I talk with
Leah Green the founder and director of the Compassionate Listening Project. For twenty years, Leah has worked with Israelis and Palestinians, building personal bridges, heart to heart, one by one, through compassionate listening. Leah coordinates small group trips to the Middle East (the next one is one November) where participants stay in homes and spend time in both Israel and Palestine and does much personal work there.

One would never know from mainstream media that there are at least 300 non-government organizations in the Middle East promoting peace. Compassionate Listening is one of many. Learn more at www.compassionatelistening.org and at www.allmep.org the site for Alliance for Middle East Peace, a new coalition of 57 such groups promoting people-to-people connections! Saturday's interview was recorded early last week as journalists were not allowed into Gaza. Although journalists are now allowed into the area, continue to hold with me in your thoughts Leah's High Dream, that journalists will discover the many stories related to these organizations and in turn report on them!

At 10AM CST I'll be replaying my interview with numerologist Sherle Stevens. Don't miss this informative look at how the numbers relate to these times and our new administration.

Wake Up & Live can be heard at 98.9fm in Bellevue and parts of West Nashville, on-line at www.radiofreenashville.org and on Channel 10 Comcast cable with the SAP setting on your remote by clicking menu/audio/SAP. Wake Up & Live...it's your only life............Dawn Kirk


January 10,2009

What if our birth dates and names held clues and cues to the possibilities for growth in our journey?
Numerologist Sherle Stevens believes just that. Join her as she talks with Dawn about the numbers and what they reveal about the Obama's, Biden, McCain and more. Sherle will show listeners how to determine their Destiny number as well as their personal year and what each year represents. This information allows you to understand and receive the lessons inherent in the year you're experiencing and to lean into and not resist what's unfolding in my life. For more on Sherle visit, www.liveonsky.com. She's offering a $150 numerology reading (that's a $50 discount) for those who mention "Wake Up & Live."

In the later portion of the show, we'll replay a recent interview with Victoria Castle, lecturer and author of "The Trance of Scarcity." Check out her free conference call next Wednesday the 14th at 8:00PST. Sign up for the call at her site, www.tranceofscarcity.com

Saturday January 17th - Leah Green, founder/director of The Compassionate Listening Project - Join Dawn for this timely interview with Leah about her work connecting Israelis and Palestinians.


December 20, 2008

Nashville native, now Bostonian, Ben Fundis joins to discuss "Border Stories," his 22 vignette documentary which just won the "Every Human Has Rights" award in Paris, France awarded by Internews and "The Elders" in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. Ben and two colleagues traveled the border between Mexico and the UN collecting stories from both sides. Hear his story at 8:00 followed at 9:00 by Victoria Castle.

The Trance of Scarcity permeates us in these times of fear, fear, fear or so says much of mainstream media. Engage in your life and break the trance with Dawn and author Victoria Castle who shares the many facets of the trance, its roots and how we can break it along with "Hot Women for a Cool Planet." Check out www.tranceofscarcity.com Victoria's site to sign up for her great newsletter, become part of the free Jan. 14th conference call as well as find excerpts from "The Trance of Scarcity."

If you're local, The Holiday Belles sing one last time Sunday Dec. 21st at 2:00 at St. Augustine's Chapel on the Vanderbilt Campus. Donations go to Magdalene House and Thistle Farms, the areas very successful recovery program for prostitutes ! Thus far the Belles have collected over a $1,000 for Magdalene House the areas very successful recovery program for prostitutes.

And check out former guest Elise Tyler's new bike shop behind Harb's Rugs on 12th Ave. South. Elise had her grand opening Saturday. Bike donations accepted daily.


December 6, 2008

Song is part of the alchemical process that shifts and lifts the spirit. The groups represented on this Saturday's Wake Up & Live do just that. Join Dawn Kirk at 8:00 Central time Saturday morning on "Wake Up & Live" as she talks with Christina Watson, director of the Holiday Belles and Don Schlosser, director of Nashville in Harmony.

The Holiday Belles, a local a cappella group fourteen women strong are grandmothers and moms, doctors, educators and more, all with a love of song. They're singing this holiday season to benefit Magdalene and Thistle Farms, a residential program and its nonprofit business for women who have survived lives of violence, addiction and prostitution. Donations collected throughout the season will go to Magdalene. Thanks to my continued attempts to make 'technology my friend,' I ventured downtown to the library to hear Tuesday night's performance and recorded a few numbers. If my recorder cooperates, you'll also hear the Belles sing a few songs. (Catch them in performances Dec. 8 at Crossville's Palace Theater, Dec. 16 at Davis-Kidd in the Green Hills Mall at 7:00 and Sunday Dec. 21at 2:00 at St. Augustine's Chapel on the Vanderbilt campus. The women of Thistle Farms will be selling their products as well as speaking at the final performance. Interested in joining the Belles in the New year? Go to http://www.christinawatson.com/ and let her know. Learn more about the amazing women of Magdalene and Thistle Farms at http://www.thistlefarms.org/

Around 8:30 Dawn's joined by Don Schlosser director of Nashville in Harmony, the city chorus for the GLBT community as well as friends and supporters. Nashville in Harmony has grown from 19 to 90 in the past five years and performs next Friday/Sat. December 12/13 at Sarratt Cinema on the Vanderbilt Campus at 7:30. Tickets are $15. Don't miss this beautiful blending of community voices next weekend filled with holiday, contemporary and pop music and learn more as well as buy their cd at http://www.nashvilleinharmony.org/

At 9:00, in case you missed last week, hear Elise Tyler founder of the new local bike shop at the corner of 12th Ave. South and Halcyon Avenue followed by Rich Flanders, singer, songwriter and winner of the recent Will Rogers Cowboy Award for his song of the year "Blue Prairie."


November 29, 2008

Saturday's "Wake Up & Live" at www.radiofreenashville.org provides a significant antidote to these times. The antidote? A healthy dose of creativity be it found in three young Nashvillian's opening the innovative bike shop on 12th Ave. South or breaking out into laughter and song.

Join Dawn at 8:00 as she talks with Elise Tyler, who along with friends Andrew Parker and Seth Murray are opening Halcyon Bike Shop, bikes with a purpose. The grand opening is Dec. 13th with a race at 1:00 beginning at the shop on the corner of Halcyon and 12th Ave. South. Listen as Elise shares her inspiring story of finding a way to recycle and repair bikes, make them affordable as well as promote local artists and creators. Learn more at www.halcyonbike.com or call 730-9344.

Then former guest music maker New York's Rich Flanders catches us up on his adventures to the Will Rogers Cowboy Awards where "Blue Prairie" recently won Song of the Year. Rich discusses his connection to nature, the 13 Grandmothers traveling the globe calling us to listen to the earth and his upcoming cd which includes a song in their honor. Find out more at www.richflanders.com and www.grandmotherscouncil.com/

Hour two brings laughs, literally and play as local Laughter Yoga teacher Susan Ludwig shares her journey to laughter as well as its benefits. Starting fourteen years ago in India, laughter yoga is now in 60 countries with 1,000's of groups worldwide. Susan leads a group at Back in Touch Wellness Center every Sat. morning at 9:00, has been to the Riverbend Prison locally as well as corporate events and retirement homes. Diana Morningstar Ault, Interplay facilitator then talks about her recent trips to Malawi and Morocco as well as the upcoming Morocco trip to the World Festival of Sacred Music. Learn more about these guests at www.laughteryoga.org and www.interplaytn.org

Listen Saturday mornings 8-10 CST on-line at www.radiofreenashville.org and in West Nashville and Bellevue at 98.9fm. We're also on tv! Yes, tv on Channel 10 for those with Comcast Cable. Using your remote, click 'menu' on your remote. The click until you get 'audio menu' Click on SAP which is the secondary audio setting....now streaming Radio Free Nashville 24/7.